What is ASO (App Store Optimization)?

qué es el aso

If you are reading these lines let us first welcome you to the We Are ASO blog (it’s our first post!) and tell you that we hope you enjoy it and that we can solve all your doubts.

We imagine that if you have arrived here is because you are interested in the world of mobile applications and games, so we already have several things in common. Whether it is out of curiosity, to learn something new, or because you want to improve the positioning of your app, knowing what ASO is and how it can help your project grow is very important.

In this post, you will find all the information to know what ASO is and how we can help you. In particular, we will look at the following:

  • What is the ASO and how does it work?
  • How can ASO help your app?
  • Making ASO on different platforms

What is the ASO and how does it work?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. In this sense, we refer to the optimization of the page of your app or game within the application stores.

Therefore, we could define ASO as a set of techniques and tools used to improve the positioning of an application. To do this we must take into account the keywords related to the app, make an analysis of the competition, write attractive titles and descriptions, as well as polish certain aspects of the art materials we use to display the app inside the app store.

The ASO could be compared to SEO. They are a similar concept, but at the same time not. SEO is used to position a website and ASO is used to position an application. Some of the techniques used are similar, but there are specific tools for each of them and very different aspects to take into account.

How can the ASO help your app?

Applying ASO techniques to your application has several benefits including the following

Better position within the application store

The goal will always be to be in the first position, but if it is not possible, being in the top 10 will also help us get more downloads. A better position means reaching a higher number of users and therefore getting more downloads, which will make us closer to achieving our goals.

Higher retention rate

If you reach the right users and get a good retention rate it will be easier to get conversions within the app to increase your income. By improving the retention rate you will also improve the organic positioning of the app.

Lower advertising investment

Using ASO techniques allows you to reach users for free, since they will find you through the organic searches, therefore, your investment in advertising may be lower or zero depending on your preferences.

More downloads

With ASO’s techniques, your app’s position will improve and it will be seen by more users through the important keywords, so a greater number of views and downloads will be achieved.

Making ASO on different platforms

There are currently several options for publishing applications, so if you want to ensure the success of your project you must be in all of them. Each platform has its own rules, characteristics, and requirements. You have to know in detail each of them and know what requirements are needed for an application to have a good position within the store.

At We Are ASO we are specialists in positioning applications on the following platforms:

Google Play Store

This is the Google App Store. It is the best-known shop as it corresponds to Android mobiles. According to Google’s figures, during all 2018 there were 2.5 billion active Android devices and 2 billion monthly users of Google Play that accumulated 115 billion downloads. These figures continue to rise each year and the expenditure of Android users roll the 29,300 million dollars in the store.

Apple App Store

In this case, we are talking about the Apple iOS operating system application store. The big difference between the previous one and the Apple store is that in Android you get more downloads but Apple users are more likely to spend more money inside the apps. In 2019 the Apple app store registered 54.2 billion dollars.

Unity Distribution Portal

Through this portal, it is possible to manage and publish apps in several stores at once, allowing the reach of local markets and connect with hundreds of millions of players around the world. The supported stores at the moment are Samsung Galaxy Store, Xiaomi – My GetApps, and HUAWEI AppGallery.

Amazon App Store

Amazon has also joined the world of apps and offers a platform to download them (mostly games). It is also available for download on Android.

In short, there is a great ecosystem where we have the opportunity to publish an application and make it known. To succeed we will have to use the right ASO techniques for each platform and adapt our contents to each one.

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