How to position an app on Google Play?

How to position an app on Google Play

If you are wondering how to position an app on Google Play, this post is for you.

Nowadays it is increasingly common to try and use dozens of apps every day, we all have a mobile phone with an internet connection in our pocket with which we can have at our fingertips millions of applications that we can download instantly.

There is a huge market around apps, millions of companies creating and developing apps, or entrepreneurs creating apps that can solve a problem, or small mobile game developers creating a game.

This is why many people who are in the app world may wonder how to position an app in the mobile application market, and how it is possible to appear among the top search positions.

What is app positioning?

First of all, let’s explain what is app ranking, many people may not know that just as you can rank websites on Google, you can rank apps on Google Play, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery.

Therefore, positioning apps means trying to optimize the visibility of our application or mobile game in the app stores, and to appear as high as possible in any type of search that may refer to our app.

One of the solutions for positioning apps is App Store Optimization, also known as ASO, or the misnamed “app SEO”.

How to position an app on Google Play?

Positioning an app on Google Play is not excessively difficult or complicated if we know how to do it and use the right tools.

To position an app on Google Play we must be very clear about the type of app we are going to position and the niche we are focused on, we must know what our target audience is, and by which words our potential customers or users usually search for us.

➡️ First of all, we must take into account the competition we are going to have, see what titles and keywords they use, what icon designs and screenshots they use, etc., so the first thing to do is to make an analysis of our competitors.

➡️ Secondly, do keyword research of the words that we believe can be used to search our app or to our market.

For this section, the easiest way is to use ASO tools that make it easier to do the keyword research, but we can also take advantage of the words or phrases that appear in search suggestions offered by Google Play.

➡️ Third, once we have a list of keywords that we want to use to position our app on Google Play, we must create:

-An attractive title, but at the same time, we must use as many keywords as we can fit in the title.

-A subtitle that explains our app, but using keywords that help us to position the app.

-An extensive description, we must explain what our app or game does, how it works, who it is aimed at, and comment on everything we see fit, and always using all the keywords or keywords that we have searched for in section two, we have 4000 characters to include a large number of keywords.

➡️ Fourth, we must check the visual section of our app, that is, the icon, the screenshots, and the promotional video of our game or app.

These assets must be very eye-catching, and above all, they must differentiate us from our competition, since the first thing that catches the eye is the visual aspect in the Google Play listing.

app positioning

What else can I do to position my app on Google Play?

As you will understand, only the aforementioned is not enough, or our app would not be fully optimized for Google Play.

You must do and create many A/B tests within the Google Play console, try different titles, icons, screenshots, etc., and alternate until you find the option that attracts the most users to your app or mobile game.

But to position an app on Google Play, other factors are very important, such as the average score of your app, the comments that users leave you in the store, and all that feedback that perhaps we do not take into account as are all the links that can be linked to your app’s page from internet web pages.

If an app has a very good average score on Google Play, that is, higher than 4.5, some positive comments and therefore happy users, many websites that point with links to your app page will be a very good way for Google to understand that your app or mobile game is very good, that users like it, and therefore it will take you into account when it comes to ranking as high as possible.

In addition, you will appear in a more assiduous way in the section of featured apps, recommended apps or similar apps that are within the store.

Okay, after this you will believe that this is it, but no, I’m sorry to tell you that to position an app on Google Play there are more things to do.

How does Android Vitals affect the positioning of an app?

No matter how well you have chosen a super eye-catching title and use keywords, or have a super spectacular icon, some impressive screenshots, you must bear in mind that your app goes smoothly.

It must not have bugs, errors, or crashes, or anything that may affect the functionality of the app, or that may annoy users.

This goes a bit hand in hand with what we have told you about the average grade and the messages that users leave in the app store. If the app does not give problems and does not deceive users, you are on the right track.

To correct the issue of bugs and errors, you must take a look often the Android Vitals section that is on the Google Play console.

You should never exceed the limits of the inappropriate behaviour thresholds, if we exceed these thresholds we will begin to be penalized by Google, since that means that our app is generating problems, bugs and errors, and as expected, Google is not interested in having positioned apps that malfunction.

Remember that if you need help with the positioning of your app in Google Play or other app stores at WeAreASO we can help you 😉

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